A Basic Java Project using Eclipse IDE for Beginners

22 Aug

Hi all, as a reader asked for a post telling how to start with Eclipse IDE for a simple java project, i am posting this which may be useful for who fresh with eclipse, first download a latest version may be galileo or helios of eclipse, open the folder and run the setup..

This will ask for a workspace, which is a place where your project will be stored, simply a folder, here we are giving workspace, that is the name on which a new folder will be created in the specified path. Give OK, the IDE will be opened, here you can import an existing project from disk into workspace using File->Import

To create a java project, click File->New->Java Project. Give the project name.

Press Next and then Finish. A new project will be structured on the left pane as shown.

To create a new java class, right click on the src, choose New-> Class or New->Others->Class, give a name without .java and click finish.

Then to compile and run, just right click on the java file name from the left pane and choose Run As->Java Application

The console will be shown..

Waiting for your comments….

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One response to “A Basic Java Project using Eclipse IDE for Beginners

  1. Vasanth

    August 22, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Nice post .. This is the infor i am waiting for… thanks a lot.


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