The Starting of an Awaited Journey

20 Nov

Hello World…( the usual sentence found in any book’s first chapter. Isn’t it?) We, the creators of this blog are just normal passengers travelling in the streets of IT, the field chosen by us and we started this blog keeping in mind the other people like us who travels in the same streets and route as we. Being starters, we faced many situations and time where we struggled to get over certain technical issues and finally would have got the solution after a series of references and rectifications. Why should others also face the same like we did? Can’t we make a record of all the solutions we arrived, let it be small or great so that it can serve as a key for upcoming people in the same stage as we? And hence arrived under this wordpress roof to store all our record of experiences for others to make a reference.  We hope that it will be useful for atleast a few and there lies our ultimate goal for starting this blog. We are going to record all the technical related stuffs which we came across and solution for even small problems we came across in our technical side, let it be installation of OS, developing an application, programming in java or ruby, any thing we came across and will come across. Wait for our commencement from the next post.

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